We’re not all eloquent speakers but there are some things you can do to make sure your message hits the spot with your audience.  Here are some of the only constant’s top tips on public speaking:

  • Before you write your message, spend 20 minutes writing down all the questions you have on the topic 
  • Research and plan your message but avoid writing a script as a scripted message can appear stilted 
  • Think about ways to bring your message alive – does a product need to be personified or can a real customer story relay your message? 
  • Avoid facts and figures alone – nobody will remember them
  • Trigger the senses in your audience by using phrases like: “Imagine a time when…”; “I can almost smell or see….”
  • Rehearse, ideally with a trusted colleague or friend who will be able to give you honest feedback 
  • Keep your body language open 
  • Build in 5-10 minutes of ‘you’ time before speaking to calm any nerves and focus on your message  

the only constant is able to help you with message planning, presenter delivery and measuring audience feedback.  Get in touch today to discuss further.