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Creating understanding

By gathering and analysing data relevant to your change, we can help you understand the impact that a future change could have on you or your team or what skills are needed to function effectively in a changing work environment.

Designing and delivering

From engaging employees in change decisions, delivering workshops, providing training solutions, facilitating discussions, providing guidance on realistic timelines, planning and writing communications, coaching executives to deliver messages, through to evaluating change effectiveness - we can support your change journey end to end.

Engaging employees

People are often forgotten during times of change, negatively impacting employee engagement and therefore productivity. We can help you counter these problems by helping you to proactively navigate the people aspect of your change journey.

Working with you

the only constant takes a collaborative approach when working with clients and views all engagements as partnerships.  

Often projects will result in knowledge and skills being embedded within the client organisation thereby providing a long-term sustainable solution for the client.  

We can help with large or small-scale projects and while it’s ideal to be involved at the start, we’re more than happy to come and provide help once a project has started.

Who we are

Kate Ravi

Kate Ravi

Founder and principal consultant

Kate describes herself as ‘a helper of others’, something she achieves by applying skills gained over a 25-year career predominantly in the financial services sector in the UK, India and Malaysia. Customer service experience means Kate never loses sight of the end customer; her internal communication expertise allows her to strike the right communication balance and coach leaders to deliver engaging and compelling messages while using Kate’s experience in learning and development and organisation development helps ready employees for change.

Fellow helpers

Fellow helpers

Specialist consultants

A number of consultants with expertise in learning and development, video production, organisation development and event management also partner with the only constant.

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