Nobody can argue with the business case for having a more diverse workplace – diversity equals innovation and ideas which in turn equals a competitive edge which should hopefully generate profits.  

But beyond the theory and good intention, how do you drive a D&I agenda across your organisation so that it has the right impact?  What kind of diversity is right for your business – is it skills, experience, gender, age or something else? And how do you ensure that as you diversify, you aren’t alienating your existing employees?  

There are many ways to drive D&I and while it might be tempting to bring out the big stick and highlight the legal bills that are incurred when diversity and inclusion goes wrong, the most successful route to engaging your employees is to sell the real benefits of D&I – those great ideas and the opportunity to learn and grow through others.

If you’re just starting your D&I journey or not getting enough traction on your current pathway, get in touch today to discuss how the only constant can help you and your team.