Utilising the only constant’s learning and development and employee engagement expertise, one client sought the services of the only constant to work in collaboration with a number of employees working groups tasked with identifying employee development pathways across seven core areas including quality, risk and productivity management for employees across Asia, Canada and South America.  In addition to supporting the exploration and design of program elements, the only constant also kept the working groups focused and on track by questioning, challenging approaches and providing encouragement.   


Pulling together all of the key aspects of the only constant’s services, a 6-month program for a group of leaders who were looking to finesse their executive presence was designed and deployed.  Participants were from a captive Fintech company located in four Tier 1 cities in India. An initial analysis was conducted which had a dual purpose of determining the program content and structure as well as providing specific feedback on areas of development for the participants.  The program elements included an analysis, workshops, one to one coaching, peer coaching and best practice newsletters.  In addition to sharing knowledge and working on development areas, key aspects of the program were self-reflection and building self-efficacy to make participants less reliant on external sources for future personal development.